Are you paying to much money
to run your Call Center?


Virtual Cloud Call Center
is Your Solution!


Run your call center in the cloud. Eliminate the hassle and expense of your outdated infrastructure. Virtual Cloud Call Center will deliver to you the agent and the supervisor platform with all the statistics, reports and recordings. Virtual Cloud Call Center will also deliver all the calls, inbound and outbound right to your work stations. Your work stations can be located anywhere. All you need is Internet a computer and a headset. Our solution enables you to delight your customer experience, while lowering your costs and improve your bottom line.

We have some of the
lowest monthly charges
in the industry



Standard Solution

US$ 69.00 per seat


Advanced Solution

US$ 99.00 per seat



Both Packages include
unlimited calls to the
US and Canada

The flexible architecture of an On-Demand cloud delivery allows you to integrate your headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations into a Virtual Cloud Call Center. They'll operate seamlessly as one team and enable you to access talent outside your geographic area, eliminating overtime costs, and reducing overhead.


To put it simply, the Virtual Cloud Call Center solution is designed to enable businesses of all sizes, irrespective of location, to move away from high up-front expenditures and move to a hosted contact center solution with minimum start up costs.

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Focus on your Call Center, not your Infrastructure